Haier Thermocool Electronic Microwave (25L – 900W) Solo Trendy HTMO-2590E

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Up to 1 year warranty
Nationwide after-sales service
Trusted for over 40 years

Why Thermocool?

Product features

Attractive silver colour
Stylish silver pull-handle
5 power levels
Electronic control/LED display


Microwave Electronic Key Benefits

Electronic Control Electronic control feature makes it easier to set cooking and heating temperatures. You can count on having meals heated or cooked at just the right temperature.

10 Power Levels Helps you to achieve the perfect temperature control when using your microwave oven to cook or heat meals.

Customised Nigerian Menus Preset Nigerian menu memory cooking function including jollof rice, moin-moin and yam pottage. This function operates like the regular chicken and soup menus and is first of its kind in the Nigerian market

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