Haier Thermocool Manual Microwave (20L – 700W) Solo Manual HTMO-2070M


Up to 1 year warranty
Nationwide after-sales service
Trusted for over 40 years

Why Thermocool?

Product features

Removable turntable
20L Capacity
Stylish silver colour
6 power levels
700w Power

Solo Manual(HTMO-2070M20L

Microwave Manual Key Benefits

Removable Turntable You can remove the turntable to put long, rectangular or irregularly shaped items in the oven chamber without worrying about the items getting snagged or jammed as they rotate in the oven. You can place 2 or 3 bowls in the oven at the same time.

5 Power Levels Helps you to achieve the perfect temperature control when using your microwave oven to cook or heat meals.

Defrost Function Helps you to easily and quickly bring frozen foods back to normal room temperature

32,000.00 27,600.00