Taking Care of Your Electronics

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Since technology is a more and more important part of our day to day lives, we become addicted to electronic devices. Smartphone, laptop, PC, TV, tablets, you name it, everybody has one of these nowadays. It’s easy to buy one, but it’s always important to take good care of them and to keep them properly. That’s why we gathered some important advice on how to maintain your electronics in good state!

1. Use some protection. For many devices, if not for all, you can find on the market protecting bags or cases to keep them. The market is full with funny and cute phone cases, for instance, which are very helpful in case you drop the phone or hit it accidentally. The same goes for tablets and similar devices. Laptops can also be carried in special bags fit for their size, and a laptop bag is not that expensive. There are also protective plastic sheets for screens that can prevent cracks and scratches on sensitive touchscreens, for instance.


2. Keep it clean… As unimportant as it may look, keeping the phone dirty all the time or using devices with dirty hands can damage it in time. Not only it’s not healthy at all for yourself, but it will get dirt inside the phone, which can further deteriorate it. Clean the screen every once in a while or the keypad in case of laptops and PCs. If you have a desktop PC, every 6 months clean the dust out of it, since it can slow it down and get into small components.

3. …and safe. There are lots of dangers in your home for electronic devices. Maintain your devices in good state by keeping them away from water, fire and other hazards. In this category you can also include small children, pets (especially dogs and cats), aquariums and other wet surfaces and so on. Ideally, you should place it in a safe spot somewhere higher than their reach. If you teach a child to use the tablet or phone, for instance, teach them how to take care of it and how to handle it so as not to damage it.


4. Use special substances. There are lots of special liquids out on the market which are specially designed for electronic screens or LCDs. Do not use water and paper towels under any circumstances! Water should never get in contact with devices, so make sure you have clean soft cloths lying around the house for when you need to clean them up. However, do not abuse these substances, since in greater quantities they might be the damaging factor for the device.

5. Power them off from time to time. Many people ignore this advice on how to maintain your electronics, and they are wrong. Simply think about the fact that your smartphone or laptop are being used many, many hours a day, and they would surely need a break every once in a while.

From: http://homecaprice.com/tipstricks/how-to-maintain-your-electronics-in-good-state/

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