• Haier Thermocool Front Load Automatic Washing Machine – 10.2KG HW10.2-1279S

    205,000.00 200,000.00

    1 year (12 months) warranty
    Nationwide after-sales service
    Trusted for over 40 years

    Why Thermocool?

    Product features

    Wave Drum Technology
    Rinse Hold Functionality
    Delicate Garment Protection
    Extra Rinse Cycle Option
    Quick Wash Programme

    This Front Load Automatic Washing Machine, with its Wave Drum technology, gives your clothes a thorough but gentle wash. It is ABT treated ensuring that your washing machine remains bacteria-free and your clothes always come out smelling and looking amazing!

    Front Load Automatic Washing Machine 10.2KG HW10.2-1279S

    Wave Drum:The Wave drum technology design produces a strong water wave during the washing cycle helping to clean and flush out your most stubborn stains from your wools or fabrics to give your clothes a great clean whilst still being delicate on your clothes.

    Child Safety Lock The program buttons are locked when the washer is on to protect your child and prevent any disruption to your laundry program

    Quick Wash: The quick wash program is developed for lightly soiled clothes to be washed within a short time.

    Delicate Specially designed for delicate garments especially cotton or synthetic.

    Reserve Wash This programme makes it easy to select a washing time,especially suitable for works and the areas where electricity is billed on the time basis.

    Rinse Hold: The rinse hold function prevents clothes from just sitting and waiting to be unloaded. This means fewer wrinkles and odours when you are eventually able to take your clothes out.

    Extra Rinse: The extra rinse cycle provides extra rinsing to ensure thorough rinsing of clothes and avoid damage to sensitive skin often caused by detergent.

    ABT Treatment: This treatment helps prevent bacterial growth in your washing machine, extending its lifespan..

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