• TEC Gas Generator (5.0/5.5kW) Oga Max 6900Es

    240,400.00 235,000.00

    Product features

    Optimized Alternator Design- Loads 3ACs plus other Appliances
    1000 Continuous Running Design
    Better Fuel Efficiency and Engine Vibration.
    3 In 1 Digital Meter

    Gasoline Generator

    Gas Generator OGA Key Benefits

    100% Copper Coil Copper coils increase motor electrical energy efficiencies in generators, which also increase the lifespan of the generator and gives you utmost value for your money.

    100% Power Output Guaranteed Unlike the competition, Thermocool Engineering’s Oga generators deliver stated powered output.

    Remote Control Start Option. The Thermocool Engineering’s Oga generators come with a unique remote control start option, which offer you the option of starting your power generating set manually or remotely using a special RC panel.

    Fuel economy Saves money spent on purchasing fuel and also emits less fumes

    Reduced Noise level. Thermocool Engineering’s top of the line generators produce less noise and promote a quieter environment.

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