• TEC Gas Generator (6.0/6.5kW) Igwe Max 8100Rs

    295,000.00 285,000.00

    Product features

    Optimized Alternator Design- Loads 4ACs plus other Appliances
    1000 Continuous Running Design
    Smart Throttle and Smart Choke for 10-15% Better fuel efficiency
    One Touch Start Button
    Better Fuel Efficiency and Engine Vibration

    Gasoline Igwemax8100Rs 6.0/6.5Kw – Gas Generator

    Gas Generator IGWE Key Benefits

    100% Copper Coil Copper coils increase motor electrical energy efficiencies in generators, which also increase the lifespan of the generator and gives you utmost value for your money.

    100% Power Output Guaranteed Unlike the competition, Thermocool Engineering’s Igwe generators deliver stated powered output.

    Key Start The generator can be started using a special ignition key, which is convenient and easy to use – it is so simple, anyone could start it.

    Remote Control Start Option The Thermocool Engineering’s Igwe generators come with a unique remote control start option, which offer you the option of starting your power generating set manually or remotely using a special RC panel.

    Fuel economy. Saves money spent on purchasing fuel and also emits less fumes

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