• Haier Thermocool Top Load Automatic Washing Machine (11KG)

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    Why Thermocool?

    Product features
    “Fuzzy Logic” that detects weight & material of clothing
    Reserve Wash settings that let you schedule when you want your program to begin.
    Pre-Soak your clothes for up to 30 Minutes
    Child Safety Lock

    This Top Load Automatic Washing Machine uses “Fuzzy Logic” which automatically detects the weight and material of your clothing and caters its cycle to them ensuring that your clothes receive the attention and care that they deserve. Its spacious 11kg capacity means that you can get through big family loads with ease.

    Top Load Automatic Washing Machine (11KG) TLA11 HWM110-9188

    Fuzzy LogicCan detect the material and weight of a laundry to determine appropriate amount of water and time to be used to complete the whole process of washing,rinsing and spinning.

    Reserve Wash This programme makes it easy to select a washing time,especially suitable for works and the areas where electricity is billed on the time basis.

    Pre-Soak: Option to Soak very dirty clothes if required for up to 30 mins before washing starts automatically

    Child Safety Lock: The program is locked when the washer is working to avoid program error caused by children's curiousness.

    Extra Space: Large drum capacity for washing heavy and thick clothes

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