• TEC Analogue Stabilizer (1000VA) PR

    11,800.00 10,600.00

    1 year (12 months) warranty
    Nationwide after-sales service
    Trusted for over 40 years

    Why Thermocool?

    Product features

    Load capacity of 1000va in single phase
    100% power output guaranteed
    Stailizes voltage of mains of the house or equivalent


    Thermocool Engineering Analogue Stabiliser Key Benefits

    Consistent Output Voltage

    You can count on Haier THERMOCOOL stabilisers to provide consistent output voltage to protect your appliances from unexpected power fluctuations.

    Short Circuit and Overload Protection

    Short circuits and overloads put different demands on circuit breakers, Haier THERMOCOOL short circuit and overload protection feature ensures that your circuit breakers are well protected.

    Time Delay Push Button

    The time delay push button feature will ensure that your appliances are protected in cases of power fluctuations.

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